Cartoon Album Cover Art Commission - Tales of the Forgotten

Cartoon Album Cover Art

Cartoon Album Cover Art

Client: Tales of the Forgotten

In storytelling through art, the album cover is a narrative canvas. We recently collaborated with Tales of the Forgotten, a dynamic artist duo, to bring their cosmic tale to life with an evocative cartoon album cover illustration.

A Cosmic Journey
Their album follows a young boy raised by robots on an abandoned Earth-orbit colony. His quest to unearth his origins and understand humanity's essence leads him to descend to Earth.

Capturing Essence
Our studio crafted a poignant cover, depicting the boy in a spacesuit, gazing at Earth, accompanied by his robot "parents." Earth, in the backdrop, symbolizes the uncharted territory.

A Collaborative Success
Our strength lies in collaboration, merging clients' unique narratives with our expertise.

Elevate Your Vision
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The Finale
The "Tales of the Forgotten" cartoon album cover is a testament to the art of storytelling. Explore our portfolio for more inspiration.

November 4, 2023