Ronin - Fantasy Art Commission

Ronin fantasy art commission

Ronin fantasy art commission

"Ronin" is a stunning digital artwork commissioned by the dynamic web3 community, These humanoid aliens have achieved immortality by storing themselves in the blockchain and each blockron has their own unique way of spending their eternal lives. The illustration captures the essence of Ronin, a masterless samurai, as he travels from planet to planet, striving to become the ultimate swordsman. With unwavering determination, he constantly trains and challenges himself with new foes, leaving a trail of awe-inspiring battles in his wake.

We are a highly skilled digital illustration studio based in Tallinn, Estonia, passionate about crafting visually captivating narratives that inspire audiences across various mediums such as games, comics, graphic novels, album covers, and more. We take pride in delivering breathtaking, high-quality artwork that brings your creative vision to life.

If you are searching for the perfect illustrator for your project, look no further than our team. We offer a wide range of services and work closely with our clients to create unique and captivating pieces. We welcome the opportunity to discuss your project and explore how we can help take your vision to the next level. Reach out to us today to start the conversation.

March 19, 2023