Lost Gods #6

Natiiva is a god of many faces and many forms, but his true nature is shrouded in mystery. He is a god of the natural world, able to take on the form of any animal or plant., he is a god of the elements, able to control the forces of nature. Natiiva is a god who demands respect and awe, for his power over the natural world is both beautiful and terrible to behold.

Lost Gods is a part of the Adventures of K&K project, we’re releasing a series of NFTs that collectors can purchase to help build and support the world of Keenan and Kiki. These NFTs will include a range of unique and valuable artworks from the story of Adventures of K&K. By collecting these NFTs, you’ll not only be able to own a piece of the Adventures of K&K universe, but you’ll also be helping to bring the story to life and support the ongoing development of the project. Read more at sotuland.com

March 21, 2023