Custom Christmas Illustration

Custom Christmas Illustration

Custom Christmas Illustration


In the heart of Switzerland,, a local purveyor of fine cigars, sought a heartfelt way to express gratitude to their cherished customers during the Christmas season. Their idea? Custom teacups adorned with a simple, whimsical illustration capturing the spirit of the holidays and the essence of their premium cigars.

The concept aimed for a subtle blend of festive joy and appreciation for their signature products. Picture a modest Christmas-inspired character embracing a Torpedo-Cigar, transformed into a gentle rocket floating through the night sky. The rocket-cigar, featuring the company logo on its label, was designed to convey a sense of warmth and holiday cheer.

Our illustration studio delicately brought this unassuming idea to life. The Christmas-man, radiating quiet joy, cradled the rocket-cigar as it peacefully traversed a starlit night. The logo, intricately woven into the label, added a personal touch, ensuring a connection to

To maintain a serene energy, the rocket-cigar was illustrated with a touch of motion, suggesting a leisurely journey through the celestial expanse. Colors and details were chosen to evoke a calm festive atmosphere while subtly highlighting the premium nature of the cigars.

Throughout the project, collaboration with remained central. Regular consultations and feedback loops ensured the illustration aligned seamlessly with the company's vision, capturing the desired blend of holiday charm and premium cigar presentation.

The final illustration emerged as a modest yet festive piece, ready to grace the teacups intended for's valued customers. The rocket-cigar, carrying the company's emblem, became a quiet symbol of gratitude, gently gliding through the Christmas sky to bring a subtle touch of joy to each recipient.

For those considering a humble and personalized gift for their customers, our illustration studio is here to bring understated ideas to life. Reach out to us to explore how we can infuse your festive expressions with the subtle magic of bespoke illustrations. Discover the possibilities with Schotter Illustration Studio!

November 15, 2023